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Hoof & Hide LLC was formed to provide quality custom leather goods to both cowboys and urbanites alike. Hoof & Hide LLC specializes in high-end, quality, leather chaps and chinks. All items are handmade by JR Jones.

"JR" is truly from a bygone era. He was born Steven W. Jones, Jr., but has adopted the handle "JR" somewhere along the trail. His parents knew he was destined to be a cowboy when he drug his lariat rope everywhere he crawled.

JR grew up on various working ranches in Orgeon and Washington. It was there that he discovered a talent for horse training and his love for leather craft. While training horses, JR learned the value of custom handmade and durable tack. He began by repairing some of his tack and ultimately started creating his own, as well as chaps and chinks.

By the time he was in high school, JR was a champion bronc rider and twice competed at the High School National Finals. Having excelled at the most traditional of rodeo events, JR picked up bull riding in his twenties. Rodeoing and cowboying across the western United States, JR has lived and worked in Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Texas (where he currently resides). He has done just about everything a cowboy can do: trained horses, rodeoed, packed into the mountains, wranglered at guest ranches, and worked at feed lots.

JR has appeared in magazines, western motion pictures, and has been the subject of western artists. Settling down, JR now trains horses in Mesquite, Texas and crafts handmade leather art.

JR's cowboy work ethic and pride in craftsmanship show in the quality, durability, and usability of his leatherwork. Each piece is designed and individually handcrafted by JR Jones.


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