We have a couple Fullblood South Poll bull currently for sale.  To see a picture and information on him, External link opens in new tab or windowclick here.  For ease of viewing, we are using our auction website to list the bull and semen.  Please note, however, that they are currently available at the listed asking price and are not being auctioned.  Call us at 903-681-4211 to arrange to see them, ask questions, or to purchase.


Next online auction October 19, 2023.  Call us to schedule your tour in October (903-681-4211) to see the cattle for sale.  This year we will have: 

3 heifers,

1 pair,

11 bred cows, and

3 open cows

(and a partridge in a pair tree - just kidding!)

We are busy getting the lots loaded on our auction website, but you can see what we have posted so far by going to:  www.hoofandhide.auction.

Here is an example of a cow that is currently bred that will be in the October sale.  We purchased her in a lot of four 50% South Poll heifers at the Houston Livestock Show in 2017.  She is a beauty is she not?  She is 8 years old now and in her prime and would stay in our operation, but we are phasing out percentage South Polls as our herd continues to move toward Fullblood and Purebred South Polls.

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We will have steer available in mid-to-late October 2023.  Let us know if you would like to be on the list to be notified when they are ready.

Semen for Sale ~ Check with us for availability.

Bull 6400  - Photo taken May 2022   

We have semen for sale from five bulls.  For information on the bull semen and prices, External link opens in new tab or windowclick here.

The South Poll breed is a 4 way cross of (25% of each) Red Angus, Barzona, Hereford, and Senepol.  It was created by Teddy Gentry (of the Alabama country group fame) to thrive in a grass-fed program in hot, humid environments such as they have in Alabama where Teddy lives.  We have found that this breed is perfect for our environment in East Texas. 

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